Yoga, yoga pants, yoga shirts. It's all very confusing - especially to a man. What do you have to wear to your yoga classes. Is anything illegal! Are there yoga pant alternatives for men? Do you have to be in some tight fitting pair of shorts and an equally fitting shirt? Well, worry no more. Here are the answers with regard to what men should wear to yoga.


Anything you are comfortable in (!)

Yoga isn't a cult, or a specific workout sessions that needs specific clothes. No-one will punish you for turning up in shorts and a pair of loose fitting t-shirt. You are good to go as long as your choice of clothes allows you to move and breathe freely. Yoga incorporates a lot of movement. That is why you need comfortable and flexible yoga wear.


To be honest, the changing postures of yoga make it a quite complex thing to dress up for. Your sweaty t-shirt, though comfortable, might keep on toppling over your face as you do your handstand. Your shorts will ride up your thighs leaving you feeling uncomfortable. This will take you back to the drawing board...


This, begs an the question, what is the definition of comfortable. Is comfortable baggy, or as protective as you are willing to bare your body? The answer to this question will depend on your preferences when choosing your yoga clothes as well as the type of yoga you practice as.


Teachers would advise on something that won't entangle you, something you are comfortable in. This could translate into fitted shorts or t-shirts which allow your body to breathe. This means that you will have to choose something your morphology is comfortable in. Some people are comfortable with fitted clothes that show their anatomy, others are not so keen. For more facts and info regarding yoga, you can go to


With men, there is little choice when it comes to selecting the ultimate yoga clothes. You will certainly need to do your research to land the perfect yoga clothes. There is a dearth of mens yoga clothing out there.  Click here however for Yoga Bloke, a yoga shop specifically for men


Choosing a couple of yoga clothes and trying them out during your sessions will help you get the perfect fit over time. Everyone always has a favorite. It will take time before you can identify your affordable, sensible and functional yoga clothes.